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Jonathan Stray: Lecithin.

Lauren Goode: Thank you. Lecithin, sea salt, pure taste, locust bean gum. Gellan or gellan gum? Potassium citrate, et cetera, et cetera. So on the advice of Mike, I’m going to purchase a nut bag this weekend, and you employ the eco nut bag you handed alongside to me. It’s like 9 bucks.

Michael Calore: And it is a bag. It’s a kind of a muslin-type cotton bag.

Lauren Goode: Unbleached.

Michael Calore: That you employ to make nut milk.

Lauren Goode: Right. I’m going to soak some almonds, and I’m going to strive making my almond milk, and we’ll see how this goes.

Michael Calore: I believe you may prefer it.

Lauren Goode: I believe I in all probability will too, if I bear in mind to soak the almonds prematurely.

Michael Calore: Yes.

Lauren Goode: There’s going to be an entire downstream dialog in some unspecified time in the future about how a lot water almonds take, as a result of nothing we do lately has zero environmental affect, however we will fear about that one other day. Come again subsequent week to listen to how the almond milk experiment went. That’s my advice.

Jonathan Stray: That’s a severely wholesome advice. That’s spectacular.

Lauren Goode: Jonathan, I really feel such as you’ll perceive us since you’re dialing in from Berkeley. I’m changing into so San Francisco. Mike has me driving my bike into the workplace a bit of bit extra now. I’m making my very own nut milk. I imply, it is taking place. It’s all taking place.

Michael Calore: I’m delighted that I’m having this optimistic affect in your life, Lauren.

Jonathan Stray: Do you may have your individual sourdough starter now?

Lauren Goode: I did through the pandemic, however that did not final very lengthy. It’s title was Henry. It was fairly nice. Do you may have yours? Do you continue to have yours?

Jonathan Stray: No. I’ve a housemate who has a sourdough starter, however I let different folks take care of the microorganisms.

Lauren Goode: And then do you eat the sourdough that your housemate makes?

Jonathan Stray: Well, naturally.

Lauren Goode: Of course. You need to be a tester. You’re like, “I must research this.” Jonathan, thanks a lot for becoming a member of us on this week’s episode of Gadget Lab. This has been extremely illuminating and actually enjoyable.

Jonathan Stray: You’re not uninterested in Section 230 by now?

Lauren Goode: No. We may in all probability go for an additional hour. We’ll let our listeners go for now, as a result of they in all probability are uninterested in it, however let’s simply maintain going.

Jonathan Stray: Yeah. OK, nice.

Lauren Goode: And due to all of you for listening. If you may have suggestions, you could find all of us on Twitter. Just verify the present notes. Jonathan, inform us your deal with.

Jonathan Stray: Jonathan Stray on Twitter.

Lauren Goode: Great. And our producer is the superb Boone Ashworth. Goodbye for now. We’ll be again subsequent week.

[Gadget Lab outro theme music plays]

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