The True Joy of Sandbox Games Is Breaking Them

I’m nervous about Starfield. I’ve loved Bethesda’s different open-world RPGs, however I’m not tremendous into postapocalypses, and Skyrim’s fantasy world didn’t interact me a lot. But I love area. Games set in area are my jam. So I’ve been wanting a recreation like Starfield since earlier than Bethesda introduced it. But after enjoying Tears of the Kingdom (amongst others), I’m frightened Starfield shall be lacking the one factor that elevates the most effective video games within the style: the developer-intended capability to utterly break the sport.

To be clear, I don’t imply mods, console instructions, or cheat codes. As a lot as I’m in favor of all those things, I’m speaking about when a recreation presents puzzles and challenges with a number of anticipated methods to unravel the issue but in addition provides gamers the instruments to sidestep or break these challenges. Like, say, by constructing a Lynel-killing aerial laser array.

No matter what, Starfield, like so many Bethesda video games earlier than it, shall be modified past recognition by enterprising gamers. I’ve little question that somebody, someplace, is already planning a mod that can allow you to flip your spaceship into Thomas the Tank Engine. However, the character of mods is that, by necessity, they erase the principles of the sport relatively than break them.

(Un)meant Consequences

Take Skyrim, for instance. Skyrim was by no means designed to permit the participant to fly. In reality, many quests and dungeon challenges would break in case you may even soar somewhat too excessive. So flying isn’t allowed within the base model of Skyrim, though you possibly can add it with mods. A lot of mods.

And positive, including a flying mod could possibly be enjoyable. But there’s a way of satisfaction that’s lacking. You didn’t outsmart the sport. You didn’t uncover one thing new about how the principles of the sport work. You simply modified the principles. It’s the distinction between beating your opponent in a recreation of chess versus throwing the chess board into the ocean.

Compare this to flying in Tears of the Kingdom. The recreation is constructed round gliding and, to some extent, flying. But the sport additionally places some limits in place to stop you from simply flying in every single place as an alternative of doing puzzles the meant manner. Balloons and wings will ultimately blink inexperienced and despawn in case you use them for too lengthy. Even with plenty of battery power and Zonai units, you possibly can fly solely thus far earlier than the sport cuts you off.

Unless, of course, you build a hoverbike. With simply two followers and a steering stick, you possibly can construct a tool that’s straightforward to regulate, can carry off from nearly wherever, and may fly for a lot, for much longer than any automobile made with balloons or wings can. Moreover, when you unlock the Autobuild ability, you possibly can re-create the hoverbike from new elements and even spend some spare Zonaite to construct one out of nothing.

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