Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed Review: Hot and Cold

The queen-size mattress technically has the scale of a queen mattress, however in follow, it feels a lot smaller. When the top is raised even barely, my 5’1″ ankles stick off the end. I’d recommend sizing up, but that means shelling out even more money. And two different firmnesses also creates this awkward no-man’s zone in the middle. Ever tried to snuggle while half of you is resting on a very firm surface and the other half of you is sinking into a very soft one? It’s awkward. And painful.

Moreover, the mattress edges are soft and sloped. It feels like you might fall off in your sleep. After many close calls, my partner and I have developed a routine in which I stick out my hand and he grabs it to provide an anchor when I need to fish for a dropped remote. Otherwise, I might just somersault into the abyss.

But most importantly, the clunky software (and application, and presence) is my biggest issue. The Sleep IQ companion app is the default method of controlling your smart bed, and it’s glitchy. Many times, when I tried to adjust my bed’s temperature, the app wouldn’t pass those requests on. The same thing happened the first time I tried to switch from Zero G to Flat. The app froze completely and wouldn’t reopen after force-closing it. I had to restart my phone and wait for it to reconnect; it took nearly half an hour at a time when I just wanted to go to sleep.

There is a button on either side of the mattress base that can be configured to a “favorite” setting. I ended up making mine Flat so I’d have a way to physically override the app when it started acting up. Partway through my testing, Sleep Number sent me the optional $49 remote control for the bed. I highly, highly recommend that you purchase the remote. It solved my control issues and should be included automatically.

I also had some issues with the Sleep IQ app’s analytics. The insights program is supposed to track your sleep data, sharing tips on how to get better sleep. But the insights are … kind of … bad, especially if you work from home. The bed can’t tell the difference between, say, a half-hour working on your phone or having an afternoon tryst or trying to get a full night’s sleep. You have to manually edit all the automatically recorded erroneous sleep sessions, and the process for doing that is clunky. I don’t want to open an app every time I sit on my bed for half an hour! Even if the app defaulted to asking “Hey, did you just sleep for half an hour?” that would be better. Right now, SleepIQ just thinks my circadian rhythm is nonexistent. According to my Apple Health data, my sleep schedule is doing just fine.

And the app is invasive; it collects biometric data like heart rate variability and breathing rate. It does have a Privacy mode if you want to turn off data recording. But you can’t apply Privacy mode to only one half of the bed, and moreover the app openly recommends that you keep Privacy mode off. Gross. You know what’s an easier and more accurate way to keep track of your sleep data? Any fitness tracker or smartwatch. It probably won’t cost $10,000, either.

That leads to my final point. All evidence suggests that for the best sleep hygiene, we have to put down our phones and depart their stresses, blue mild, and fixed distractions behind. Struggling with a malfunctioning blue-lit app is the precise reverse. Also, the good base could be very loud throughout intercourse, so there’s that.

I don’t hate this mattress; I’m simply disenchanted. I used to be promised a revolutionary sleep expertise, and it was solely so-so. Sleep Number says an replace to the app is coming later this month. But I actually query whether or not any of the so-called smarts on this good mattress had been actually good—and even vital—in any respect. It’s 2023, and if I wished to spend $10,000, I’d’ve gotten significantly better relaxation on a seashore trip. At this level, I might just buy a foot warmer.

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