How to Move Your Instagram Feed to Pixelfed, the Photo App That Doesn’t Track Your Every Move

Instagram hasn’t been a pictures app for some time. Sure, you’ll be able to add pictures to the app; just a few individuals would possibly even see it. The focus of Instagram, today, is squarely on tales and movies.

And if you need a public archive of your pictures, Instagram solely sort of works: People want to log in to an Instagram account to browse your pictures. Plenty of individuals don’t desire to do this, as a result of the website tracks everything you do. None of that is to say that Instagram is not helpful—billions of customers cannot all be incorrect—however searching for an alternate additionally is sensible.

Pixelfed is an open supply, decentralized various to Instagram that lately added a software for importing all your Instagram photos. This means you’ll be able to mechanically give all of the pictures and movies you uploaded to Instagram a brand new house. Whether you need to shut down your Instagram account fully or simply again them up someplace else, here is how.

Download Your Data From Instagram

Top get began you want to obtain your entire info from Instagram. Log in to Instagram in a desktop internet browser and click on the three-line button in the bottom-left nook, then click on Your Activity.

Courtesy of Justin Pot

Click Download your info in the left sidebar and ensure JSON is chosen earlier than clicking Next.

Courtesy of Justin Pot

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