Goldie by Sourhouse Review: Keep Your Sourdough Starter in the Goldilocks Zone

I like making bread, however I by no means had that sourdough-fanatic section that many individuals went via and plenty of spouses tolerated, typically fortunately. Yet Maurizio Leo’s incredible 2022 cookbook, The Perfect Loaf, opened my thoughts a bit, and a gadget at my favorite trade show received me to interrupt down and make some starter.

The gadget in query is known as the Goldie, made by an organization referred to as Sourhouse. It’s designed to carry your starter in the “Goldilocks zone”—the vary between the mid-70s and mid-80s Fahrenheit—that’s hotter than room temperature however “not too hot” and “not too cold.” The Goldie is a round heater with a reasonably glass cloche on prime that’s massive sufficient to surround a quart-sized jar of starter. It additionally comes with a cooling puck that you just toss in the freezer and bust out on scorching days when the starter will get too heat.

I referred to as in a Goldie and two of the firm’s seamless starter jars, together with two similar-size Weck canning jars. (Seamlessness is subsequent to godliness for starter makers.) This allowed me to create and chart the progress of two batches of starter. One batch would spend the complete time in the Goldie and the different in a heat spot on my kitchen counter subsequent to my rice cooker. Each batch used one in every of every jar.

Sourdough starter is the yeasty combination made from flour and water that helps your bread rise and offers it that great tangy bitter taste. For one thing that simply sits there all day, it is a surprisingly needy factor; caring for one is usually in comparison with caring for a pet. You have to “refresh” starter a few times a day, relying on whose scripture you are studying. Leo has a bit heading in his e book referred to as “Do I Have To Refresh My Starter Twice A Day … Forever?” His reply is a mild, paragraph-long “yes.”

Refreshing is actually feeding the lively yeasts that you just domesticate in your starter jar. This means pouring most of it—the “discard”—into the compost or finding a use for it, then including flour and heat water to what’s left, retaining you in a continuing, rolling provide of fortunately fermented goo. Refresh it on the common and your starter can outlive you. For these new to the course of, there’s a complete sloppy section to undergo the place you practice your self to make each refresh neater than the final. For me, this meant pouring a weight of “carryover” from the lively jar right into a clear and empty one, then including contemporary flour and heat water by weight.

The Goldie suits as much as a quart dimension jar. Sourhouse additionally sells its personal borosilicate glass jars designed for starter storage, one in every of which is proven right here, for $14 every.

Photograph: Sourhouse

I watched the Goldie and not-Goldie batches of starter transfer alongside via phases. They would rise and fall, expertise good days and boring days, and scent bizarre earlier than taking up magical banana aromas. The additional in I received into the course of, the extra attention-grabbing this turned. Eventually, it was one thing that, to paraphrase Leo, was constantly bubbly, had a unfastened texture and bitter scent, and tended to rise a bit on daily basis. The factor I wasn’t noticing was a lot of a distinction between the Goldie and non-Goldie batches. Yes, possibly tiny variations in scent and texture as soon as in some time, however nothing that did not even out inside a day. Both batches have been clearly headed in the identical path.

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