12 Best Air Purifiers (2023): HEPA, Portable, and Quiet

When trying to find an air air purifier, you may discover every mannequin has a distinct filter kind. Finding the appropriate one in your area can really feel complicated. Below, we break down the distinction between every one.

HEPA Filters: This is a high-efficiency particulate air filter that may take away a minimum of 99.97 % of mud, mould, pollen, micro organism, and airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. It’s a great option for individuals who endure from allergy symptoms or respiratory points since it could assist to filter out airborne particles that may set off signs—like sneezing, sore throat, problem respiratory, coughing, and extra. It’s value noting, nonetheless, that HEPA filters do not take away risky natural compounds from the air as activated carbon filters do. But these are sometimes paired with carbon filters.

Activated Carbon: Activated carbon filters (also called activated charcoal) are highly effective as a result of they’re very porous and have a big floor space—permitting the filters to soak up fuel pollution, odors, and VOCs. They’re best for removing fumes, smoke, or chemical compounds from the air. But these filters have to be replaced extra usually relying on the setting. For instance, if there’s a wildfire in your space and the air air purifier is working extra intensely than ordinary, it’s essential to exchange a saturated filter to keep away from poisonous gases from being launched again into the air.

Washable Air Filters: A couple of of the air purifiers we have listed on this information include washable prefilters along with a HEPA and/or activated carbon filter—which is what you may sometimes discover. These are probably the most cost-effective since you do not have to purchase new ones every time you should change a filter. Simply take away it, scrub it with cleaning soap and water, and let it dry.

UV-C Sanitizer Filters: Ultraviolet filters use UV mild to kill viruses, parasites, mould spores, and micro organism. They can’t remove airborne particles, VOCs, or fuel pollution, in order that they’re solely totally efficient when mixed with a HEPA filter. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), UV lights with out correct lamp coatings have the potential to emit ozone. We suggest checking this list from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers for air purifiers which were proven to emit little to no ozone.

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